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Mt Walker, Marrangaroo National Park

About this tour

Explore the rugged Marrangaroo National Park, near Lithgow. From the beautiful Cox's River to the heights of Mt Walker. Graded as Difficult Suited for standard 4WD vehicles with low range. Email me for an Information Sheet.
01 May 2021
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About Tag-a-long tours

If you own a Four Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive vehicle and you’re up for a little adventure, Tag a long tours are a great opportunity to explore challenging 4WD tracks and our beautiful National Parks in the safety of a group, led by an experienced guide.

Tag-a-Long Tours are graded Easy, Medium to Difficult and are suited for stock-standard 4WD or AWD vehicles, with optional tracks to suit your vehicle and level of experience.

Simmo’s Offroad Tours is specially licensed through NSW National Parks & Wildlife, and certified through Eco-Tourism Australia so guests learn how to drive a 4WD responsibly and safely under varying conditions – with a minimum impact on our environment.


To immediately receive an information sheet, or ask me anything at all about this trip, please feel free to use the contact form below.